Not A Goodbye

This final entry in Margo’s blog is very over due, and an entry I wish with all my heart I never had to write. My beautiful, kind, generous, artistic, thoughtful, innocent, newlywed daughter lost her all too brief battle with cancer on September 21, 2012. Margo spent her last hours battling this horrific disease with every ounce of her being, just as she did every day since receiving her diagnosis in December of 2011. On that dreadful day in December I accompanied my newly engaged daughter to a doctor’s appointment to receive the results of tests she had done the week prior, a visible nervous Margo chatted with me obsessively (Margo always talked when she was nervous) convinced that she had something terribly wrong. I consoled her as any mother  would do, you are young, this is nothing, I had something like it, this is why you have a yearly pap, blah, blah, blah never imagining that I would hear the word cancer mentioned in the same sentence as my daughter’s name. “Margo I am so very sorry, the tests indicate you have cancer.”  I have buried both my parents, stood next to a priest as he delivered last rights to my husband (thankfully my husband had a different plan) none of which prepared me for that moment. Margo was hysterical, I guess that goes without saying, and I went into “mother lion” mode, consoling my child, questioning the doctor and trying to plan my next move. Leaving the doctor’s office and driving Margo home to deliver our news I thought nothing could possibly be any worse, how very wrong I was!

Margo never wanted to hear the odds she was up against and faced every appointment, surgery, treatment and scan with a smile on her face making friends along the way, (many of whom follow this blog) that was my daughter. From the day she was born, she was always happy, positive, and confident, everyone was her friend! How many times did she come home from school, from swim practice, from work, or on the playground , the beach  to tell me she had made a new friend, from the first hello, you were her friend. Underneath that gallant smile was a frightened women, I encouraged her to speak with a counselor but she did not want to tell her story to a stranger, so I mentioned she might want to keep a journal, put her hopes and fears all down on paper so she could move beyond them. For my generation a journal was a book we would write in daily, kept locked in our bedside table, imagine my shock when Margo, who did not want to talk to “A” stranger, decided to share her story in a blog, on the internet, with the world! She was so hopeful, so excited to share her story, beaming with pride over how many followers she had, looking forward to reading peoples comments and gaining strength and support from people she never met.  You followed her to appointments, surgeries, first chemo, you gave her a place to share the disappointment she felt as she never seemed to get a break, you met “her boys”, read about her angels, you watched her select a wedding dress while losing her hair and she took you with her on her wedding trip to marry her “best friend”. With each entry, no matter how horrible she felt or how bleak things looked Margo would not consider any other outcome, she was going to “BAMit”. Even as the nurses wheeled her to the ICU as I tried to explain to her what was happening, having to ask her difficult questions like did she wish to be resuscitated, she would not have that conversation with me, I saw the fear in eyes but she was not going to let it in, she would not consider any other outcome.

 I am her mother, it is my job to protect her, to fix things and I was helpless, I was letting her down, I was faced with the reality that my child, my pride and joy was going to be denied the life she clung to so desperately. If I could not make her well than it was my duty to prepare her for what was next but true to Margo we were not going there either. I struggle with not being able to save my child and my failing to prepare her for her death, but as her father pointed out she was 24 years old, death was not an option and would never be accepted even as she struggled to take her very last breath it was not going to win.

That life she so desperately longed for was obvious even as a young child she dreamt of having a Cinderella wedding and raising a family of her own. She and Blaine would cut out pictures of their dream husbands, (Derek looked like none of them) wedding dresses, honeymoon locations, homes, pools, furniture, and of course children, lots of children. She spent her teen years babysitting on weekends and loving other people’s children like they were her own, she later became a preschool teacher and than a Nanny, each child leaving their footprint on her heart. At her funeral, in the receiving line, countless women introduced themselves by saying Margo used to babysit my Slade…, my Christopher…,my Connor…my Drew…, my Emma…, my Patrick…, my Elaina… my Maggie and the list goes on and on. She may have been denied the opportunity to bare her own children but she did have her family a very large family and she married her prince, her legacy lives on in Derek and all of “her” children.

I continue to miss my Margo deeply and struggle daily to find my way in a world void of her scrunched nose smile, we all look to find a meaningful purpose for her life and to maintain our connection through our memories. We are forever grateful for our family, for our old friends and for our new friends (also known as the” left hand of god”) who help to make the heartache manageable. I remind the girls daily we will not waste our energy asking why this tragedy had to happen to Margo or to our family, (that question will never have an acceptable answer), we were not given a choice about Margo’s illness or the outcome but we do have a choice as to what we will do with our pain…we can let it tear us apart or we can let it bring out greatness, I know what Margo is cheering for.

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    • A few days away from giving birth and I’m at home playing the waiting game and watching episodes of SYTTD on YouTube. Like so many of the ppl who have commented here, I too googled Margo’s name and came upon her blog.

      I was captivated by her spirit, warmth and attitude that she exuded from the first time she was shown on screen. It was infectious and she looked beautiful in all the dresses she tried on. I was saddened to see that she had passed away and my heart went out to her parents, siblings, husband and all those that she had an impact on. We might live on opposite ends of the world and come from completely different backgrounds, however, a loss like this is a loss to humanity.

      May the good memories that you have of Margo serve as a balm to soothe the pain of her loss.

  1. Hill — Your strength and love is an inspiration to all of us! How are you comforting us when we should be comforting you? I am not surprised that you – her loving, devoted and supportive mom – would captured your Pooh and her surprising strength and determination to Bamit so spot on, but you did both so beautifully. There is no good-bye to her sweet way…thanks for this wonderful reminder of her joy, her love for children (and may I add… her love for animals or anything or person in need) and her sheer silliness. We miss her so…
    Sending our love and strength,

    Aunt mags and crew

    • I saw the episode of “say yes to the dress” this evening and was cheering on Margo as she took off her hat and wore a beautiful bridal gown. I was so happy to see the wedding and then shocked at the end of the show when it showed in memory of Margo, and I cried and cried, then I found this blog. I am touched by her smile and braveness forever! She is an angel in heaven with my friend Sherryl who also lost her battle with cancer. Sending my love, Bonnie

      • I too saw Margo on Say Yes To The Dress. My husband and I watched it feeling a special closeness to her and her bald head, her feelings about exposing it – because I was bald too. I am a survivor of ovarian cancer. We smiled through the whole episode……….until the last moments showing her memorial. We both cried. It touched us so deeply. Thank you for finalizing her blog. We can tell by this blog that she was a dear, special person – full of joy and light. And a wonderful family.

      • I too saw Say Yes to the Dress last night. I was also shocked at the end. She looked so beautiful on her wedding day. She will live on in your memories and hearts. I hope my sister, Rose, greeted her in heaven. Denise

      • I, too, learned Margo’s story last evening and also cried when I sw the “in memory of” entry at the end of the show. I am so very sorry. I am so glad she got her dream wedding to her wonderful groom but am so very sorry she was lost to you so soon. All of my sympathy – Judy

      • Like Bonnie, I too saw Margo on Say Yes To the Dress last night. I was touched by Margo’s beaming beautiful smile and positive energy. I prayed for healing over her body and I was very happy to see that God had blessed her with true love:) I was so shocked and sad to see at the end of the show that Margo had passed away. I wanted to know more about Margo and to see how her family was doing and that’s how I found this blog. May God give your family strength, comfort and amazing memories of your sweet Margo:)

      • Say Yes to the Dress also led me to this blog. I, too, cried at the end when I realized she had lost her fight. My husband (who rarely will sit through the first 5 minutes of an episode of SYTTD) was captivated by Margo’s story and watched the entire episode with me. To say we were touched by her is an understatement. I pray for strength and peace for your family. I lost a friend to a type of cancer of the brain. Her last conscious day was spent marrying the love of her life as well. She went into a coma the day after their wedding and passed 2 weeks later. I think there’s a special place in Heaven for the men of strength who look at their beautiful brides and say “I have no idea how much time I have with you, but I’m going to take every second of it in”. Thank you for Margo’s legacy.

    • Today my daughter is home sick and we have always enjoyed watching Say Yes to the Dress together. She didn’t know why Margot had no hair so I explained to her what had happened. She said she looked so pretty and happy in her wedding dress. We loved her beach wedding and Margot looked so happy- we loved the wedding was small. We were shocked to see the end like many others- no way this upbeat young girl would be taken this way. Our hearts go out to your family, love to you all- her story and your beautiful touching blog is unforgettable and so honest.

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  3. Hill, the beautiful simplicity of your words caputure your mother’s love for your beautiful girl so perfectly. My heart wants to break all over again for your loss but your strength and Margo’s spirit tell me its better to go forward with love than look back with sadness. It may sound trite but you are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing such personal feelings with us.

  4. My heart broke at the the end of Say Yes to the Dress. I said, out loud, “NO!!” when her photo shown, words across it “In Memory.” In the short time she was on my television screen, I felt she would have made one fantastic friend.

    I will lift your family up, her friends up, all of those left behind.

  5. I just wanted to let you know I just watched Margo’s episode of “Say Yes to the Dress” and it was wonderful. She was a beautiful woman and it looked like she had a wonderful ceremony. I am truly sorry for your lose but I’m glad she was able to make a positive impact on not only my life but everyone else that got to experience this.

  6. Hi – I just finished watching Say Yes to the Dress, featuring Margo and your family. She looked so beautiful trying on her dress, and looked even more so in Mexico, with her hair filling in. I was stunned to see the “in memory of” picture at the end of the episode, so I googled her, and found your blog. I’m so sorry that you’re all having to live a life without Margo. It was clear from the show that you’re very close, and I hope remembering her with each other brings some comfort. Thank you for allowing the episode to air, so we could all know her, and her story. I wish you all the best.


  7. I just watched Margo on “Say Yes to the Dress” and I am in tears because I wasn’t prepared to see that she had passed away. What a beautiful young lady. I absolutely loved her spirit. I didn’t know her at all, but her strong spirit shone through the tv. Many blessings other family.

  8. I know that I do not know any of you, however I was just recently affected by a close family friend that was diagnosed with cancer. I am watching Margo’s episode of Say Yes to the Dress when at the end I noticed the “In Memory Of” at the bottom, instantly I started hysterically crying thinking that it can not be so. I then jumped onto my computer and moments later “google-ing” her name and well.. here I am now. I am extremely touched by the daughter that you have raised. She really is a huge inspiration and I will never forget the light that was inside of her while I was watching her on television. Again, I am so sorry for your loss. xoxoxo

  9. Hi!

    Thank you for this post! I had to hold back my tears! I saw your daughter on Say Yes To the Dress tonight. I was heartbroken to see she lost her battle. The episode was so inspiring, your daughter caught the viewers attention. We saw her strength and will to live. She’s a true inspiration! Now I know where she got it from, your words on this blog is beautiful, strength and faith runs in the family! Bless you all and may your daughter rest in eternal peace.

  10. What a beautiful story and tribute to your lovely daughter. I saw her on Say Yes to the Dress and I was blown away by her optimism and courage. May God bless you, your family, and your new angel.

  11. Hello, I just saw Margo’s story on SYTTD. Thank you so much for sharing her story. Just from the short time on television, I could tell that she was a beautiful woman, with lots of love. I hope you have found peace in knowing that she is no longer suffering. May god bless your family.

  12. Just saw the SYTTD episode. I don’t know you, but wanted to say how very sorry I am for your loss. I was so excited to see Margo got married and then gasped when the memorial came up. Her life touched a complete stranger. Praying for your strength through this time of healing. Blessings to your family.

  13. Thank you for sharing, my thoughts are with you and your family. Your beautiful daughter was an amazing woman. She got it from her mom.

  14. i do not know you Margo, nor do i know your family, but I did see your story on Say yes to the dress, your episode aired moments ago. When I saw the “in Memory” photo of you at the end of the show, my heart sank….you’re story was so inspiring and beautiful – and to see your strength aired on national television was an inspiration. You are beautiful. To you, to your family, and to your mother and her amazing last words in your honor – all of which have left me sitting here with tear stricken cheeks, wondering how life can be so beautiful and yet so cruel to such an amazing young spirit, may you live on in the spirit of all of them.

  15. Just had the pleasure of watching Margo’s episode of Say Yes to the Dress – she was so beautiful, so poised, so sunny and so bright that the note at the end of the episode felt like a punch to the stomach. Her attitude was really an inspiration and, as a fellow 24 year old, it hurts to know that cancer took a young, promising woman so quickly when she fought so hard. I’m glad she was able to have her wedding, to go through this with such a loving and supportive family/friends unit at her side, and that she has so many wonderful people to hold her in their hearts. My thoughts and prayers go out to all that loved her – and continue to do so. ❤

  16. I just watched “say yes to the dress” featuring your beautiful daughter. It was such a joy to watch her choose her perfect dress. She was so brave taking off her hat. Her smile is breathtaking. As I watched her at her ceremony she looked so happy but i could tell something was not right. When the in memory of showed up on the screen i was shocked and saddened for all of you. I had to google her name. She was an inspiration amd her positive attitide was amazing. I just wanted you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and her wonderful husband.

  17. By chance, I was flipping through the channels and seeing your daughter (assuming by her hat that she probably had cancer), decided to watch “Say Yes to the Dress”. I was shocked when I saw at the end of the show that she had passed away. I had to google her name to see if I could learn more about her. I lost my 15 year old son, Trent, to DSRCT a rare form of childhood cancer on August 9, 2007. I know how hard it is to helplessly watch your child go through this battle and not be able to help them. I’m so sorry for your loss. Much of your blog rings so true for me. Please know I shed some tears for you and your family. Your daughter was a beautiful young lady. I wish you peace and comfort in the days, months, and years ahead.

  18. I just finished watching “Say Yes to the Dress” & I thought how beautiful & brave Margo is. At the end of the program, they ran “In Memorial” for Margo & 2 dates. Although I thought I knew what that meant, I was almost frantic to find out for sure. Somehow I remembered Margo’s name & I googled it on the internet. When I read the blog about your daughter I was speechless. The pain you felt must be monumental. Your daughter was so beautiful & so hopeful & so brave. At least she had the opportunity to marry her love & she looked so stunning in her dress. I am so sorry for your tremendous loss & your pain. You have loving daughters to help you through the sadness & it sounds as though you are a family of faith. I hope that you know how seeing Margo affected so many people & I’m sure most will be saying prayers for her & your family. I hope her husband is not too devastated, but I’m sure that he is. Please take care of yourself & your beautiful family. May God keep you all in his care & bless you all…..Sincerely, Linda

  19. I just saw Margo’s episode of Say Yes to the Dress. I was devastated to see that she passed. Her glow and spirit was exceptional and the love she had with her husband was incredible. My condolences to you and the ones that Margo touched in her life. I never met her, but I must say, I am deeply touched by her story. You surely raised one beautiful young lady, inside and out.

  20. I saw Margos Kleinfeld episode on TLC and was so inspired by her story and her spirit. It schocked me to see the “in memory” at the end which is what led me to this blog. I am a total stranger and her story touched me in so many ways. What an amazing girl. I just wanted to share how her story touched people who didn’t even know her in person. Thanks Margo for sharing your life and your experiences with the world. May you continue to shine down upon us all.

  21. My name is Jessica and I’m a 21 year old in Rhode Island braving out this winter blizzard watching TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress, and dreaming of my own wedding day. When I first saw Margo the first thought that came to mind was, “Wow, that girl is beautiful!” I even called my grandmother, a cancer survivor herself, to turn it on and see how beautiful this girl was. We watched together over the phone as they showed Margo choose her dress and then her wedding day. We both gasped when the program ended and showed that Margo had passed away. I couldn’t keep watching while thinking of Margo, so I immediately picked up my laptop and googled her name, which led me to this blog. Her story really moved me, and she seemed like such a brave and beautiful person. I’m so very sorry for your loss, and will keep Margo’s beautiful face in my prayers.

  22. You don’t know me, but I felt I had to post and thank you and your beautiful daughter for helping me right now. I was blessed to see the episode of Say Yes to the Dress on TLC tonight where Margo picked her wedding dress. I was so heartened to see how brave she was and how very happy. I am going through hard times with my health and am worried it is cancer. They had to postpone the biopsy to next week because I have been sick for two weeks and on antibiotics. So I have been very afraid, I thank your daughter and you for sharing your stories. I never will forget your daughter and I hope I can be half as brave as she was.

  23. i’m so sorry for your loss. there are no words but i watched your beautiful daughter tonight on television. your world is now divided and defined by ‘before’ and ‘after’ but amazingly there is a continuum of love. from where i sit, so many miles away and a complete stranger, please know you are all in my thoughts and lovely margo’s spirit will continue. for those left behind when a loved one dies, it’s a wonder time still ticks away and the sun rises again to mark a new day. but it does….sometimes painfully so…but hopefully there is some comfort for you and margo’s family.

  24. I just saw Margo on TLC and I cried the entire time, even before seeing that she had past. I thought .. how beautiful this woman is, how brave that she is owning her baldness as she tries on her dress. I was so moved by how positive and brave she was. I hope that this story makes people realize how short but wonderful life can be, I am glad she was able to marry the man that she loved and celebrate her short life. I hope your family is healing and send my prayers to everyone.

  25. I watched your beautiful sister & daughter on tv tonight & was shocked when they ended the show in her memory. I was so hopeful that that beaming, young bride to be would survive her cancer. I, too, am fighting a rare cancer. I searched the internet to find out if she was able to wed & came across these blogs. Thank you so much for sharing these. Your Margo was a beautiful young lady & her story has touched my heart.

  26. I don’t know you, but I saw Margo and your family on “Say Yes to the Dress” tonight. She was beautiful inside and out and her strength will inspire many. I am so very sorry for your loss.

  27. This blog reminds me of Margo’s version of a Walk to Remember. I just saw the episode of Say Yes to The Dress and was saddened to hear of her passing. I found the blog after, and you must be so proud of the strong woman she was. The way she showed so much courage and strength thru her battle. Thank You for sharing.

  28. I watched say yes to the dress tonight and saw your daughter and her story on the show. I was so touched by her story I immediately tried to find more information about her. I found her blog and have been reading it for the past hour. Margo is so inspiring to young woman everywhere that are going through what she has. You raised a wonderful and beautiful daughter and I am so very sorry for your loss. Please know that not ever having met Margo she has put positive change into my life. She is truly inspiring. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  29. I just watched SYTTD and saw Margo’s story and then saw she had passed away last fall. I cannot imagine the pain you have all gone through, especially as a mother, the loss of a child has to be excruciating. Your words are inspiring to those dealing with any loss, as you said it can make or break a family and you all need to be strong and lean on each other during this healing time. I hope her memories carry you through this journey. I am sorry for your loss.

  30. I am so touched by Margo’s story. I saw her on “Say Yes to the Dress” and believed she would have a long and happy life ahead of her because of all the love that surrounds her. When I saw the end credit, I couldn’t believe it. Your thoughts are so beautiful and so strong. I didn’t know your daughter, but I somehow think that her spirit will live on in everything you do.

  31. I just watched your daughter’s say yes to the dress episode and I was shocked to see the in memorandum at the end. She truly exuded joy and strength! Though I can’t imagine what your entire family is going through, my heart goes out to you!!

  32. … I don’t even know where to begin. One minute I am watching “Say Yes to the Dress”… Next moment I’m searching up Margo to see how her life unfolded, and the next few hours I am reading her entire blog on a Friday night! I am 25. So close to Margo’s age before her untimely passing. I can’t even begin to explain to you how moved I am by her passion for life, the love she had for everyone around her, and the motivation and pure DRIVE she had to BAM cancer out of her life. She is such an inspiration, and such a beautiful human being! I am so incredibly sorry to hear that she lost her battle, but she lived such a full and beautiful life. I am so truly inspired and moved by Margo! Please feel fulfilled and overjoyed that you raised such an astounding young lady!
    Because of her, I am going to get a pap done ASAP and spread the word to my other lady friends about early detection. Life is FAR too precious and short, no matter if you live till you are 24 or 100. I pray that God shows you strength, and love even in the darkest moments. Know that she is at peace, and that her infectious smile will never ever leave my mind 🙂

    Sarah, 25, Ontario, Canada

  33. I don’t know you or your family. However, I just saw Margo on Say yes to the Dress, my guilty pleasure and I was struck by her beauty, honesty and bravery. I was stunned at the end to see that she had passed away. I had to learn more about her. Please accept my deepest sympathies to you and your family. Your story and hers is one of love and I appreciate you sharing it. What I take from what I’ve read is that though you don’t have Margo on this earth she has touched so many lives that she will never ever be gone. God bless you and your family.

  34. What an inspiring story. I watched Margo’s “Say Yes to the Dress” episode today and what struck me about her was her incredible strength and ability to persevere even through her troubles. Her smile was beautiful and her spirit was contagious. Thank you for sharing. I’m so sorry for your loss, but know that her story lives on and has touched so many lives.

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  36. I saw the episode airing tonight about Margo finding her wedding dress on “Say Yes to the Dress” and was so impressed with Margo’s beautiful spirit! I was very sad to see the dedication at the end that showed that she passed away only a short time after her wedding. In reading her blog here of her fight, I feel grateful that she is an inspiration to so many who are struggling with similar challenges. God bless your family and especially her husband in feeling her presence and comfort as your own guardian angel from above!

  37. Hello, you don’t know me and we will probably never meet. I just watched the episode of your daughter, Margo, picking out her wedding dress on SYTTD and was astonished to read, “In Memory of….” at the end of the show. I immediately did a search on Google and stumbled upon her blog and now yours. I wish I could say that the pain of losing a child goes away, but in harsh reality it does not. From one mother who has also lost a child to another, you learn to deal with it. As time goes on, life does get better. You see, this September (2013), it is going to be 10 years since we lost our son, Christopher, in a car accident. We have our memories but I think the hardest part is the loss of his physical presence. I still miss him and find myself crying every so often like I’m doing right now. All I can say is hang in there and know that your daughter is safe and never has to deal pain again. That’s the most comforting thought that I can offer. I know that Christopher is in heaven. He is safe and at peace. Please take care and do whatever you have to do to grieve. Just remember there are no rules when you are grieving and everyone grieves in their own way. May God bless you and your family.

  38. I saw Margo’s episode on Say Yes to the Dress, and thought it was a lovely story, and she looked very nice. I was on my computer while watching it, and just happened to glance up at the very end and caught a split second glimpse of her name and the dates. Oh My God! WHAT? I couldn’t believe it; she had passed away? Like 2 weeks ago? I then did an internet search to confirm what I had seen and to try to get more info. I found so much, and have spent the last 2 hrs reading items like her sister’s article, and now, her blog. My heart goes out to the young woman who just wanted to get better and get on with the rest of her life. I am so sorry for her, and for you, her husband, and all of her family. This has had the most inspirational impact on me since my best friend lost her own battle 6 yrs ago, and before that, my mother. I will keep following this by reading the next blog, and pledge to appreciate what i have more, and to contribute to something in Margo’s memory. I am so very very sorry….

  39. I just saw Margo’s episode on say yes to the dress today which led me here- I was so inspired with her optimism – and so very heartbroken when I saw the memorial at the end, I am so sorry for your loss and prayers and thoughts are with you and yours.

  40. Beautiful girl and beautiful story on SYTTD. What a shock to see the in memory at the end. A quick search brought me here as I’m sure will many others. So sorry for your loss.
    Rev 21:3-4
    3 With that I heard a loud voice from the throne say: “Look! The tent of God is with mankind, and he will reside with them, and they will be his peoples. And God himself will be with them. 4 And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”

  41. We just saw the episode of Say Yes To The Dress. Margo was such a likeable, sweet person; you could tell within the first few minutes. I couldn’t imagine somebody so young being so wise and pragmatic while still seeming happy (rather than seeming bogged down). It delighted us to see the wedding footage. We were thrilled to think that this young, sweet couple had put the tough times behind them and would get to enjoy the future they deserved. It was heartbreaking to see the “In Memory Of…” at the end of the episode.

    She was such a lovely person, it was evident even from the 15 minutes of footage we saw on SYTTD. We are deeply sorry for your loss. You seem to have raised a wonderful, happy child and I’m sure she had an immensely positive impact on many people. I hope that’s of some comfort to you.

  42. I was watching TLC and your wonderful daughter held herself with such grace. I was hoping for a happy ever after, and I am glad that she did get one. I am so sorry for your family’s loss. I was so touched by your daughters story that I looked her up after the program, Your family is amazing and you are a reminders that life needs to be lived! To love and be loved. Best wishes to you and your family.

  43. I saw Margo on Say Yes To The Dress and was extremely surprised when at the end of the show Margo’s DOB and DOD was displayed. See, this comes at a time when I just lost my grandmother to cancer almost a month ago and I am soooooooo sad. I’m sorry to hear about your beloved Margo and my tears flow for my gma and your daughter. And poor Derek! Praying for your strength and keep reminding those girls not to question it. The Almighty makes no mistakes and He is taking excellent care of her. Even though I don’t know you guys, your still in my heart!

  44. I found my way here after watching Margo’s episode of Say Yes to the Dress. I was so saddened to learn that the beautiful, positive woman from the show had passed away far too young. My heart aches for you and your family.

    Thank you for sharing Margo’s story. Reading about her life, her character, and her loved ones makes me resolve to reach out to my own loved ones as well. Let that be a small part of her legacy.

  45. I had just seen Margo’s story on Say Yes To The Dress and I couldn’t help but think what an amazing person she was. I was happy she found her dress and how courageous she was to come out without her hat on. I had tears when they showed her wedding and how happy she looked. Then at the end I cried some more I couldn’t believe that it said in loving memory. I was in shock and saddened. She is the type of person that you want to know more and think I could be friends with her. She is such a positive soul. So I had to google her name to find out more and I’ve found this blog. I’ve read what her loved ones have written and the words from her mother says it all. She had the love of many it explains how she became the woman she was and touched so many. Very inspiring!! Thank you for sharing her life.

  46. Wow! I felt every word you wrote! Your daughter was a true inspiration. I just began reading her blogs and it has helped my cope with my sister’s fight against breast cancer. I am so glad I found this blog as it has giving me a better understanding to all the ups and downs cancer patients go through….thank you for sharing your story!

  47. I saw Margo’s story on Say Yes to the Dress, and I cannot stop thinking about your family! Her beauty was so radiant and I never dreamed that in a short 30 minutes, she could sneak into my life and touch my heart like she did! Your words are the most beautiful words and your family simply amazes me. I watched the show again, and then came straight to the computer to find out more about this Fighting Angel, Your Margo! I will be thinking of your family and as I pray for the many friends who are still Fighting this Fight, I will think of Margo, and the courage she shared!
    I am so sorry for your loss. God Bless ~

  48. Dear Hillary
    Just saw your beautiful daughter on TLC Say Yes To The Dress We so enjoyed your daughter segment on the show and were so stunned to see at the end of the show that Margo had lost her battle with cancer. I found this blog and have read through her incredible journey. My heart breaks for you as a mother and I just want you to know how deeply your daughters story has moved my family. Please know there are perhaps thousands of people who saw your daughters story and also have been touched I am so sorry for your loss and I will remember you and your family in my prayers.

  49. I watched Margo’s episode on Say Yes to the Dress. Her courage amazed me. She had gone through so much yet she was so positive and accepting on the outside. Watching the part that showed her wedding brought tears to my eyes. It seemed so emotional and I could tell she was so thrilled. When the last science of the episode showed with the picture stating “in loving memory of” I was shocked. It made me, a stranger so sad for her. It’s amazing how someone I saw on television can impacted me so much. It seems Margo left a mark on everyone she met. Her story of courage is so inspiring. You raised a strong woman. Be proud of yourself for that and be happy with the accomplishments she made in her time here. Love&peace

  50. I wanted to write to you because I was watching “Say Yes to the Dress” like I often do and Margo’s episode was on tonight. During the episode I was truly inspired by her courage and her determination. I actually cried when she took off her hat in the dressing room. I do not know her or her story other than from what I gathered here after searching for her on the internet. I was shocked when the dedication popped up at the end of the episode. She made me rethink the little things in my life and made me realize how small the things that were stressing me out really well. She seemed like an amazing person and I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m sorry if this is a strange message but I just had to share how she touched me.

  51. Hoping this isn’t weird by replying seeing as though I do not know you, but I just saw your beautiful daughter on “Say Yes to the Dress”. I was captivated by her overwhelming positive attitude and was not expecting the “In Memory of” at the end of the episode. I needed to find out if it were true. For someone I never met and know nothing about, it still broke my heart. This post also brought a tear to my eye. It’s quite amazing how a complete stranger can be affected by your daughter’s story. Anyways, for some reason I felt the need to let you know that. My best to you and your family.

    P.S. she made a gorgeous bride.

  52. I do not know your family, so I hope no offense is taken in my commenting. I am not one to reach out to strangers, but I just saw Margo’s episode of “Say Yes to the Dress” and felt compelled to Google her. That’s what brought me to this blog. When watching the show, I immediately connected to her and what an amazing attitude and strength she showed in the face of such a terrible, terrible illness. At the end of the show, it was a gut-punch to see that she lost her fight. I found myself in tears over the heartbreaking fate of someone that I have never met. My older sister (Patti) and I are as close as two siblings can possibly be, even at our ages now of 42 and 47. She survived breast cancer from 12 years ago, but last year was diagnosed again. Her original cancer is back, but metastasized in different areas. Patti has the same positive outlook and gritty determination to fight that it appears Margo had. She does not let her mind go to the negative as, for her, it is not an option to do so. I can’t imagine the pain you all felt, and I am so terribly sorry for your loss. I just wanted you to know that a stranger was moved by the person your Margo seemed to be. Thank you, and I wish you all peace.

    Pam Overbey
    Gallatin, TN

  53. I just saw your beautiful daughter shop for a wedding dress and get married via Say Yes to the Dress. Margo was beyond gorgeous and had so much strength. I was so drawn to her and captivated by her grace, courage and optimism. I was heartbroken when I learned she had passed on. I’m deeply sorry for your loss. I can not even begin to imagine how devastating it would be to see one of my daughters go through such a terrifying experience. I truly am so sorry for your loss.

  54. I so enjoyed meeting your beautiful daughter and family on “Say Yes to the Dress” tonight. Her smile lit up the episode! I couldn’t catch my breath at the end of the show when the “in memory of” graphic was shown. I have spent the rest of the evening reading Margo’s blogs and that of her sister. Your final entry moved me to tears. Thank you for sharing this loving tribute to Margo with all of us. I feel like I know all of you. I am so sorry for your heartbreaking loss. Please know that sharing the joy of finding Margo’s wedding dress and marveling at her spirit and courage was something I will cherish. This site is an inspiration of what passion, hope and family is and a reminder to live each day with gratitude and purpose. Wishing you and your family much love and strength as you miss your beloved Margo.

  55. Hello! I am writing because I saw the episode of “Say yes to the dress”. You don’t know me but I am a survivor. A cervical cancer survivor. In fact, I found out the news yesterday. I love watching SYTTD but when I saw another young woman battling cervical cancer I knew I had to watch. I loved her positivity, her courage, and her story. She is beautiful and a hero for so many. I was not expecting to see her story end that way. I felt compelled to google more to find out about her and found your blog. I just wanted to stop by and give you and your family a hug and tell you how much Margo’s story touched me in my life. My life’s work is now to advocate for cervical cancer so that no woman will suffer. Thank you for allowing me to learn more about Margo through your blog. She has touched many lives.
    God bless! Liz xo
    (A teal sister)

  56. I never knew your daughter but I saw her on “say yes to the dress” tonight.
    Her story inspired me. She inspired me with her strength and beauty. I’m so glad she got to marry the love of her life before she passed.
    I am so sorry for your loss and can’t imagine your pain but I know you had an angel in your hands. She’ll watch over you forever more live on in your heart and now keeps God in heaven company. Where he keeps her warm and safe pain free and happy.
    Take comfort in knowing she is no longer suffering but at peace.

  57. I just watched the episode of “Say Yes to the Dress” with your beautiful daughter in it. My heart breaks for all of you. Sending you much love from Phoenix.

  58. I loved what you shared . Your words touched my heart and soul! I felt like I knew Margo she had such a wonderful spirit and love in her ..I know how helpless a person can feel but I assure you . you did all that you could and more.. I feel blessed to have read your blog and your daughters .. I have lost so many relatives and friends to awful disease .. but I believe in angels and I know for sure my Mom and My Aunt are around me often which brings me great peace and I do know we will be together again and no one can ever take the great memories away from our hearts and all the laughter you have shared it stays in your hearts and minds .. God Bless You All .. Thank You for sharing your love and inspiration of a wonderful mother …..

    • Dear Hillary and family ,
      I would like to offer my condolences to you and your family .. I was watching Say Yes To The Dress last night .. It is evident that Margo was a beautiful, radiant , and positive young woman . A true inspiration to us all . Her positive energy was beyond uplifting . Her story is one that we can relate to . My sister has cervical cancer and is battling day to day . I’m so sorry for your loss .. My heart goes out to your entire family . God bless you !

  59. Watched Say Yes to the Dress as usual on Friday and was so taken by the beautiful Margo – I could not help but think she was just ad beautiful on the inside. So happy she found a fabulous dress and that we got to see her amazing wedding video. When the show ended it was like a punch to the gut to find out she had lost her battle with cancer. I had to immediately know more about her – found the blog and just had to let you know how truly beautiful & amazing I found her to be – but I’m sure you do not need me to tell you that! Stay strong and know you have your own personal angel watching over you.

  60. I just saw Say Yes to the Dress which featured Margo and your family. I was in complete shock at the end and terribly saddened by the sad news of Margo’s passing. You can just tell how extraordinary she was, and how extra special all of you are by her side. I just felt that I HAD to reach out. I send you my deepest sympathy, and send healing thoughts to all of you. You are in my prayers.

  61. I watch a part Margo’s beautiful story last night and found the blog yesterday, and here I am commenting on her blog again. I just read this final post and again I am moved to tears. I will keep it short and sweet and say that I can see why Margo was such a beautiful woman inside; she got it from you, her mother. Your last statement at the end just moved me:

    …”but we do have a choice as to what we will do with our pain…we can let it tear us apart or we can let it bring out greatness, I know what Margo is cheering for.”

    I can truly say that Margo has inspired me to live my best life at the this point. There is no other way.

    You and your family will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.


  62. My mother and I just finished watching Margo shop for her wedding dress on Say Yes to the Dress. After seeing her story and reading it on here, we both felt like she was a friend, even though we have never actually met her in person. We both felt inspired by her grace and bravery she showed on the show and were completely and uterly shocked that it said in loving memory at the end of the episode. We just wanted to let you know that even though her life was only a much-too-short 24 years, she made an impact that most people don’t make in 70 years. She has truly inspired us, along with many others, to not take anything for granted. We wish her family and friends strength in missing beautiful Margo.

  63. I also saw Margo’s story last night on Say Yes to the Dress and found my way to this blog. She was beautiful and the loss is, of course, indescribable. Much love to you and your family and Derek. Thanks to all who share her story ~ it does remind to live life fully and with wonder every day. XOXO

  64. It was a typical Friday night, despite the 50 cm of snow that was dumped on us, as I settled into my ritual of watching “Say Yes to the Dress” with my glass of wine.

    I was inspired by your beautiful daughter and your loving family as I watched Margo finally say “yes” to the dress.

    At the end, when I saw the final words, all I could say out loud, was “Oh no.”

    God Bless Margo, the love of her life, and her entire family.

  65. I, too, watched Margo’s Say Yes To The Dress episode last night. What a beautiful person she was. I had to rewind and pause the tv when the dedication came up at the end. I didn’t expect that at all. I googled her and found her blog. I started back at her first post and have read every entry. What courage and strength that took to chronicle such a difficult journey. My heart is very sad today. Her story has touched me deeply. Your family and Derek are in my thoughts and prayers.

  66. I never watch the show ‘Say yes to the Dress’, but for some reason last night I did. What a beautiful woman Margo was! I was stunned at the end when it said ‘in memory of Margo’. I immediately searched the internet which led me to this blog. I have spent hours reading all her entries. I simply cannot imagine. My daughter is 18 and my whole world. The thought of losing her is unimaginable, let along the thought of watching her suffer for 9 months first and then losing her. My heart aches for you and your family. And for Dereck…what a great man who obviously was madly in love with Margo. I could only hope that I could be as brave as Margo and keep such a positive attitude. She has touched my heart in a lasting way. Love from Iowa, Jen V

  67. I too do not know your family or your beautiful daughter, but as I took this pen to hand, I offer you strength,courage, and hope. Hold on to the memories of all you shared with her and all that she taught you. Life is so precious, and how we live it determines how successful we were at it. Your daughter, your sister, left us with so much to learn.
    My heart is aching as I too buried my brothers 11 months apart (and far far too young) to cancer, and I know this pain all to well.
    I offer you hope because you will laugh and smile again, without the depth of the pain you feel right now.
    Know that so many are praying for you . Continue to celebrate her life .and her journey.
    Doreane McFarland

  68. Like many others who’ve posted comments, I was introduced to your family by way of the TLC episode which aired last night. As a mother and someone who knows the pain of loss, the tribute to Margo at the end of the show brought me to tears. Her story was so compelling I wanted to know more and perhaps be lucky enough to find a way to contact your family and let you know, neither cancer nor death has silenced Margo or lessened the power she has to touch the lives of others. When I Goggled her, the first blog I read was one posted by your younger daughter. My heart ached for her as she poured out her thoughts about losing her sister. I was especially touched as she shared the conflict she felt over not being “there” for her Margo during the last month of her life. I wanted to hug her and let her know that dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy. I respond to her post in hope that I might be able to share some of my own experiences with loss and in some small way help her find some peace as she works through her feelings. I saw the Facebook link and sent the note to her via that link. I spent the morning reading all of the other posts and wanted to let you know your courage and willingness to share your story has touched more people than you will ever know. I pray that you and your family will find comfort in knowing that your beautiful daughter continues to impact the lives of family, friends and kindred spirits who never had the privilege to know her in this world. I have always thought the loss of a child brings its own special hell. We expect to bury our parents, accept the possibility we’ll bury friends or siblings but no one is ever prepared to bury their child. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, know you have inspired us with your candor and courage and touched our hearts.

    Peace and Prayers – Sue

  69. I saw Margo and your Family on the show last night and I was so impressed and touched by what a Wonderful girl she was . She was so beautiful inside and out . I was completely shocked to see her memorial at the end of the show . I thought about her and all of you all evening and today as I type this . My only daughter is 28 … I cannot imagine your grief . My brother lost his son at the age of 27 … It has been 10 yrs now … I know how it changes life forever . My brother’s grief was unbearable at times and we all still miss him so much but we have all learned … As you have commented … To let his memory build us up and not tear us apart . I will continue to keep you , Margo’s husband , and your entire family in my prayers . Remember that although Margo is gone from this material world … She lives everyday in your heart . My Deepest Sympathy .
    Kristy Lettich

  70. To Margo’s family and friends…
    I (like many others who have recently commented) just watched Margo on SYTTD.
    I was really touched by your loving family and the graceful strength Margo displayed. I was so very saddened to see this fight ended in the worst possible way.

    I have personally known people who have battled and won and those who have lost this fight. It never gets easier to hear the news of a cancer diagnosis.

    I was very surprised Margo had to face this at such a young age. She showed tenacity and courage well beyond her years.

    My heart goes out to all of you who had the distinct pleasure of having had Margo in your lives…she seems to have been a rare angel.


  71. I thought that I had shared a comment on this blog yesterday, but it seems that it didn’t post. Margo is so inspirational and I feel so lucky that I was able to get a glimpse into this beautiful woman’s life. Her smile is contagious and the amount of courage and hope that she exuded was so extraordinary. Thank you for sharing. I will never forget Margo.

  72. Like many of the comments on this blog today, I saw your daughter’s story on Say Yes To The Dress. I was so moved by her, that I had to google her name to find out what had happened. It was so heartbreaking to see the dedication at the end. My heart breaks for your family and for Margo. Thank you so much for sharing her story, courage, and wedding with us. I am more grateful and thankful for each moment today, just because of her story. Thoughts and prayers are being sent your way!

    • I stayed up till 6am reading these blogs after the show aired last night. I cried so many tears, I was so sad and amazed at the same time. I had a scare with cervical cancer almost 8 years ago (I was 24 at the time), Margo’s story brought back painful memories that I had almost forgotten about. I felt like I was right there in the moment with Margo as she wrote her first posts, I had many of the same fears and thoughts that she had. My situation was very minor in comparison to Margo’s, but what we had in common was the fear of the unknown & fear of not being able to have babies. I finally crawled into bed this morning as the sun was about to come up, my heart was heavy for Margo, your family, and Derek…I felt like I knew your famiy. When I awoke today, I felt inspired! I wanted to tell Margo’s story and remembered how important it is to educate and raise awareness on this horrible disease. I find comfort in knowing that Margo held on long enough to marry the love of her life, although her life here on earth was all too short, she experienced true love and support from her family while leaving an everlasting impact on many, something that one could only hope to do in a lifetime. Sending hugs to your family, continue to celebrate and honor Margo as you are, I know she’s looking down with that beautiful smile of hers.

  73. I sit here writing barely able to see through my tears…I just watched last nights episode of. Say Yes and was shocked at the words that left me w/ a deep sadness for your family. I am a mother of 2 small children and cannot begin to imagine the pain your family is facing. I am so happy that Margot was able to experience the most amazing day of her life. I will continue to lift your family w/ my prayers and always keep you all in my heart ❤

  74. Like so many other commenters, I saw Margo last night on Say Yes to the Dress, and was shaken by the closing image. I have spent this afternoon reading Margo’s blog, and I am moved by her fight. I am so terribly sorry for your loss. Please know that Margo’s loved ones are in the prayers of many strangers today. Wishing for you comfort, strength, and happy memories in the days that come.

  75. I was so broken hearted when I saw the “in memory of” at the end of Say Yes to the Dress. I was angry that it aired because I never dreamt that Margo would die. But, then I wanted to know more about your beautiful young daughter. I am happy the show aired so that I could learn about her, her life, and her family. I am so sorry for your tremendous loss. There is so much that I want to say, but later for that. For now, I know your pain and grief. My oldest daughter, Victoria died at age 15 from leukemia. We were blessed we had two years with her before she died. I am pained for I wanted her to know love and to get married and be a wife and mother. But, it did not happen. Your grief is so new and what I call “raw.” But, I assure you, time will help ease the pain. The pain will, I am sorry to say, never goes away. I still have pain after 31 long years and it is a different kind of pain. I wish you comfort and peace. May the beautifully sweet memories of Margo give you that peace. More later.

  76. After watching Margo’s episode of SYTTD, like so many others who have commented, I was stunned to see the memorial at the end. Truly shocked and so sad that such a vibrant girl is no longer with us. Tonight, I read every word on Margo’s blog from beginning to end and to say I’m inspired and touched is such an understatement. I am in the medical field and it’s so important for me to remember that every single patient is unique and needs to know that we truly truly care. I promise to remember Margo’s story each day at work in my interactions with patients, in honor of Margo.

  77. I saw Margo’s story on Say Yes To The Dress and I was deeply moved. I just had to know more of her story so I googled her name and found her blog. Margo’s life is an inspiration for so many and touched so many hearts as all of these comments depict. What a beautiful girl she was, my thoughts and prayers are with your family along with her sweet husband Derek. May she rest in peace. ❤

  78. I don’t personally know your family, however after watching “Say yes…..Dress” I was deeply saddened to see the picture at the end. As A parent who has buried a child, I can understand your pain. You and your daughter, and the love you have for each other are an inspiration to us all. I am so happy she got to marry her soul mate and experience her wedding. The courage she exhibited in the face of such a diagnosis is truly inspiring. Although, we have never met, please know that I feel your loss and I will pray for peace for you and your family and I hope the happy memories and being able to hear her voice in her blog are able to offer some comfort.

  79. I posted also on another entry but I wanted to thank you for sharing Margo’s story. I was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer on September 21, 2012..believe it or not…It is such a difficult journey, so many ups and downs and not a lot of support for young people fighting ths disease. I am 30 and hope to try and raise awareness as much as I can, while I can. God bless you all. Xoxo marie

  80. Hello,
    I too watched Friday evening SYTTD episode of your Margo. I am so glad Margo wanted to appear on this show. She has touched ALL our lives without ever knowing her. But, isn’t that what our lives should do? You could tell her appearance on the show was to help all of us, and to reach out to others. Was glad she married her sweet Derek. Each of you can take her memories, sharing with others, and living her legacy on. Margo wants all of her loved ones and friends to keep on keeping on. One day on earth passes quickly, but eternity is forever…we are so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your beautiful sweet smiling Margo.

  81. Dear Mallory Family (and Derek),

    I am like the countless others who was moved by Margo’s story on Say Yes To The Dress on Friday night and was devastated to learn of her passing. It’s strange to feel so deeply impacted by someone you only saw briefly on TV, but that is why this blog was so amazing. It allowed me and other virtual strangers the chance to get to know Margo, just a bit, and take part of her struggle into our hearts.

    I know you are all deeply grieving right now and that this will continue for some time.. But I wanted to share a little bit of my hope for our loved ones after death in the hope that it may bring you some additional comfort.

    My deepest sympathies and awe for the sister and daughter you lost who so desperately wanted to live (even now I have to reflect on my own conviction towards life and living as Margo so clearly had before her).

    SF, California

  82. As so many others, I was led here by the episode of SYTTD on last Friday night. I just wanted to say, even though I did not know your daughter, she and her story really touched me, my heart, my spirit. I don’t think I’ve ever been so affected by a stranger in my life to the point that I researched that person so I could know more about her. I am so very sorry for the loss your your lovely daughter..a young woman so full of hope and courage. Thank you for allowing her story to be shared.

  83. I, like others who have commented, do not usually reach out to strangers…but I feel like I have to.

    I just finished Friday night’s episode of SYTTD and took an immediate liking to Margo. She was happy, beautiful and strong. I found myself smiling at her as she pulled off her hat and stepped onto the main floor, and cheered during her wedding. And then I gasped and shed a tear when the “In Memorial” came up at the end. I Googled her and have spent hours reading (and crying through) her blog.

    As a mother and sister myself, I cannot imagine the pain you are all in. Your Margo had a tremendous spirit that could be felt even through the TV. My heart goes out to you all, including the love of her life who was left behind much, much too soon.

  84. I also watched Margo’s episode of Say Yes to The Dress. At the end I couldn’t believe this amazing girls photo was there with In Memory Of. She had such courage and strength to take her hat off on national television. She was so happy and so excited to be getting married soon. I can’t express how sorry I am for your loss. I pray that you have peace and are comforted knowing that she is no longer in pain.

  85. As you already know, Margo’s spirit is infectious. In a short 30 min episode, she has touched so many lives. Praying for everyone who shed tears from the loss of this beautiful life. Margo, thank you for showing us your strength. God needed someone wonderful to take care of the children in Heaven, and He knew you were the perfect angel.

  86. This hits so close to home. My mom was diagnosed with cervical cancer when she was 27 years old and had a hysterectomy. I was just watching Margo’s episode on Say Yes to the Dress and I asked my mom if she thought Margo would have a long life and she said yes. It hurt when I saw that she passed away and my heart aches for her family, especially her mother. I just wanted to send some compassion and support to your family. What an angel on earth she was, so with no doubt I am sure she’s an angel in heaven with her beautiful smile and her bright eyes.

  87. I am so saddened to hear about Margo losing her battle to cancer. I, like many people, watched her SYTTD episode and was so happy after seeing it until the In Loving Memory note was shown on the screen. So very heartbreaking to lose such a wonderful person and at such a young age. She was certainly beautiful inside and out. Thinking of you and your family and I know that Margo is looking down from Heaven to protect you all.

  88. Like so many who have posted before me, I watched Margo’s episode on “Say Yes to the Dress.” I was immediately drawn in as I watched and rooted for her in her search for a wedding dress, and I was greatly saddened as I learned of her passing. I only had a brief glimpse into Margo’s life, but I am in awe of her strength and courage. I am so very sorry for your loss, and my heart goes out to you. Margo was clearly an amazing woman.

  89. Like many others on this site I have just watched Margo’s episode of SYTTD and was very saddened to see the dedication at the end which meant that she had lost her battle. She seemed to be a remarkable young woman and I had high hopes that she was going to be successful in her battle with this disease. It was wonderful though that she was able to have her dream wedding and she looked radiant on her big day, wonderful memories that I am sure will help sustain her family through the difficult days ahead. It appears that she has a wonderful and very loving family who will help each other through these sad times, my heartfelt best wishes to every one of them. XXX

  90. I just watched SYTTD and was truly touched by your family’s story. What an absolute inspiration Margo and your family is. I am so sorry for your loss but Margo has left such a lasting impression on so many people including myself. Thank you so much for sharing your story and my thoughts and prayers will always be with you and your family.

  91. I lost my younger sister to aggressive ovarian cancer after a 19 day battle. This was in 1997 and to this day I don’t know if I helped her at all in her last days and it haunts me and it always will. Partly because during those 19 days there were days in surgery and ICU where conversations were impossible. There were days when I had to be “not there” dealing with my children’s grief and there were times when I simply was too weak and afraid to help her. And of course we were not of the “talkers”-sharing thoughts and talking out emotions was not part of our genetic makeup. I hope to this day she knew and knows how well loved and how missed she is. It doesn’t get easier it just gets further away. Bless you and your family. .

  92. As I sit with years in my eyes thinking of your beautiful daughter . I was watching tv and seen her on there getting hey wedding dress. And saying what a tough kid . As I watched more I said q

  93. As I sit with tears in my eyes thinking of your beautiful daughter . I was watching tv and seen her on there getting her wedding dress. And saying wow what a tough kid . As I watched more I said Omgosh how did she pull it off. My friend has cancer and I talk to everyday and she tells the numbness and chemo is hard . With my eyes filling up . I am so proud of your daughter and the fight she gave and her husband that stuck by her.. You must be so proud of her. Please remember shows and blogs will always remeber her and even though I never met her watching her and her smile, i I will always think of what a strong willed powerful girl . It makes me realize how life can change in a drop of a hat . But she left the world knowing she had a wonderful family and a beautiful husband that loved her and I’m sure that’s how she would of wanted it.

  94. i watched syttd tonight and met this beautiful soul…i cried when i saw she lost her battle. when i heard about the blog, i started reading it…the entire thing i just cried and cried and cried. i sit here writing this with swollen eyes and tear streaked cheeks. i am so affected from this story…r.i.p beautiful Angel..

  95. This story has really touched me. I am currently awaiting the results to my own tests and Margo has inspired me to smile through this. What a strong woman and strong family. Thank you

  96. My 2 yr old grandson has a rare form of cancer called neuroblastoma.He and his parents(my daughter)are fighting with all their might.Margo’s story was an inspiration and although you miss her terribly you must be proud of how she fought and was able to write a blog to inspire others.God be with you and bless you

  97. Like most others, I met Margo on SYTTD. From the moment she appeared on the screen I was amazed at her strength and beauty. I had been sitting here feeling sorry for myself thinking life just wasn’t worth it. And then I saw Margo. This young, beautiful girl who had been dealt the worst cards possible, yet she was beaming with true happiness. A girl who seemed to love and cherish every part of her life, even the bad. What an inspiration she was! I had tears in my eyes as she tried on her dresses and finally found the perfect one. I smiled when they showed her wedding and actually cheered for her that her dream wedding had become a reality. When the credits rolled and I saw the “in memory” I cried. Cried for the loss of this beautiful spirit. I was drawn to search her name on google and find out more of this person who had inspired me in such a short time. I found her sisters blog and then this. I read through each post in awe of her strength and the strength of the rest of your family. Margo was only 24, yet in her short life she touched thousands. She gave each of the people watching her on tv their own special connection as evident from all the previous posts. There are many out there who will be forever blessed to have had Margo in their lives if only for a brief television episode. Your beautiful Margo touched so many.
    Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing Margo’s story. God bless.

  98. Faithfully every week I cuddle up in bed and spend my time watching Kleinfeld’s brides. It’s fun to watch I love to see all the families and the stories. The past week watching Margo’s story and your family touched me so deeply as we are preparing for a wedding in our family.

    My nephew is marrying his beloved fiance in July. Unfortunately he is doing so without both of his Mom, my sister or his Dad who died from cancer and heart disease.

    My husband is a 9 year survivor of pancreas cancer and in April we will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary- so for the better part of the past 10 years he has been fighting a disease that is a difficult one

    Margo’s story and your family’s love for each other touched me deeply- I am grateful to have found this beautiful blog and happy to know that she married the love of her life.

    Please know that you all and beautiful Margo touched my heart. Families remember and move forward without forgetting the beautiful love that never leaves. May that love fill your hearts forever. . God bless you all.

  99. I do not know Margo but after watching Say yes to the Dress I was so proud of her ability to show young girls to love themselves no matter what. She seemed like such a beautiful soul and was so saddened when I saw she had passed.

    I lost my mother in my 20’s to ovarian cancer. She did not let my sister and I go to her chemotherapy and tired to “shroud” us from how serious and painful it was for her. She wanted us to live life freely as she did and stay innocent for as long as we could. We moved home to be with our mother for her last few months, which tore my heart apart. Yes we were lucky to have those last few moments with her but I know how painful and scary it is for the person going through cancer, and the family watching a person they admire and respect so much fade away. My mother was young and full of hope she would beat it. I saw the fear in her eyes and the desperation to want to be with us…and I do not think until you experience losing someone you love you cannot understand how helpless and angry you feel wanting to comfort them and make it all right, but you cannot. All you can do is love them as deeply as you can and be what they need. My mother was innocent and fought to the end just like all the blogs I read by Margo.

    Margo’s blogs are truly inspiring and so sincere. She was so brave to bear her fears to the world to see, and she is someone I will never forget.

    What I have learned though the hard times in life is that we only get once chance and we should live each day as it is our last. I too have a painful condition where i may not be able to have children, and I am only 34, been dealing with this since 28. To those of you out there that have a good life, embrace those you love and TELL THEM how much they mean to you. Hug them, kiss them and let me know how much that have affected your life. I wish I could tell my mother all these things that I am sure Margo’s family and Margo’s husband have said to her and still wish the could. There is not a day that goes by that I do not grieve and miss my mother. I revel in her laughter and innocent spirit and that is why Margo was such an inspiration to me seeing her on the show. I too fear having a future of ovarian cancer and I felt such a great connection to her story, so I found her blog and have spent my night reading and crying with her fears and triumphs. Thank you to Margo’s family for keeping this posted and hopefully touching lives everywhere to appreciate what they have and to be humbled.


    Tara Petryszyn

  100. I saw your daughters appearance on Say Yes To the Dress and was so saddened to see she had passed away. I am deeply moved by her courage and the outage of your family. She was such a fighter and I am encouraged by her fight for a future. I pray for you all as you try to go on without your precious Margo. I especially pray for her mom as I cannot imagine losing my little girl (who at this time is 2). I pray God bring you peace and comfort that only he can provide. I will continue to pray for you all!

  101. I’ve spent the last two days reading Margo’s blog.. What an amazing person she was. Unfortunately, I can relate to the loss of a loved one to cancer. It’s one of the hardest things to endure.
    Margo was such an incredibly brave and strong person. I am 24, also, and cannot imagine going through what she did.
    I hope that you and your family can be comforted by her memory – a beautiful spirit and amazing strength. I know this blog is touching lots of lives, and her spirit lives on in these pages. ❤

  102. Hillary,
    I am so sorry for your loss. I was shocked to watch “Say Yes to the Dress” and to see you and your girls on the program and to find that Margo had passed away. She was a beautiful girl and the few times she worked at Curves she kept the ladies entertain. Please covey my sympathies to Blaine and the rest of your family. Taylor’s blog is wonderful and she is such a great writer. You all are in my prayers.
    Pat Novelli

    • Just saw Say Yes to the Dress and was captured by Margo’s spirit. She was so beautiful. I was shocked to see the memorial at the end of the show. She had a great spirit and energy that captured us all in the short minutes she had on the show. I hope you find comfort in knowing her story will help so many. Thinking of you all

  103. I just saw the episode of Say Yes to the Dress with your beautiful daughter. I am standing in my kitchen crying hysterically as I was completely unprepared to see the In Memory Of at the end of the episode. Margo’s joy for life was evident in just that short episode and her strength and courage was incredible. How blessed your family is to have had such an incredible person in your lives. I am so deeply sorry that she was taken from you so soon. I am the mother of three little girls and I can not even imagine having to go through something like that with one of them. Thank you to Margo for sharing her story. She will stay with me forever in my heart and make me appreciate each day with my girls. God bless your family.

  104. It is March 21 and I was half-watching the “Say Yes to the Dress” episode your beautiful daughter was on. I was only half-watching because I’d seen it before…but then tonight I saw the dedication at the end and thought ‘What?! No…’ and felt compelled to Google. That episode was so great, your daughter looked so happy and it made me smile to see she was able to marry the love of her life. So sorry to hear that Margo had to leave this world way too soon.

  105. Just saw you story on tv. Your spirit stays and has an inmense power! You are truly an inspiration and such a blessing to others…i will never forget your story!! PS-You have a new friend here in Raleigh!!!

  106. I just saw the episode of SYTTD ans was so happy to see a local girl. She was so beautiful and positive and I found myself excited for her. She was going to beat cancer and marry the love of her life. I felt so horrible when I saw the card at the end telling of her passing. Way too young. She has inspired me to live life to the fullest. She was an amazing person.

  107. I like most comments just saw her episode of Say Yes to the Dress literally minutes ago and was touched by her story and age. I was so proud of her accomplishments, drive and courage. When seeing the in memory picture when the show was over, I was lost for words. I couldn’t believe she really died which led me to google and this page. I am very sorry for her loss and sending more prayers to you all even years later after the tragedy. I been going through some stressful times but this gives me courage to get through and follow my dreams. Thank you for your story. It really means a lot

  108. I just saw her episode for the second time tonight and want you to know what an inspiration she was and what an inspiration you are as a mother. Prayers are with you!

  109. I seen Margo on say yes to the dress this evening. Its the first time I’ve heard of her and her story, your story. I didn’t expect the ending that your story had. I was laying here, rubbing my bald head wishing I was more like her, having the courage to be in public bald, let alone wedding dress shopping and on TV. I was having a pity party for myself, and now am humbled and speechless. I’m praying for peace for your family. I can only imagine the wonderful memories such an amazing woman brought to your life. I have stage four ovarian cancer. I’m kicking its ass for her now!

  110. As I was watching the credits run at the end of tonights episode of say yes to the dress, I happened to notice the in memory of…Margo Mallory. My heart broke. No words could possibly comfort you over your loss of tour beautiful daughter. You are in my prayers. I have lost a wonderful beautiful friend at a young age from cancer in 2007, I think of her and miss her every day. I will light a candle for tour Margi

  111. I just saw the episode for the first time today, and just couldn’t get Margo our of my mind, so wanted to learn more and found this blog. How beautifully written. Margo was sure blessed to have you as her mother, and to have the rest of her beautiful family, her gorgeous wedding, and her wonderful husband . Praying for all of you.

  112. Dearest Mallory & Ambler family,

    I too just saw the SYTTD episode. This is truly an amazing story of your life and memories. Margo was a beautiful lady!!!! I am so happy she experienced true love while still on this earth. I’m so sorry for your loss and my thoughts and prayers are with you, here even 6 months after her passing.

    I cannot even begin to imagine. Margo looked bright and cheery through the whole show. I’m sure that doesn’t even shed a light to her personality and charisma to those that knew her.

    God bless you all. Thank you for sharing your story and touching my life. Life us too short to be anything but happy these days.

    ~ Jennifer

  113. Like most people I saw your beautiful daughter on say yes to the dress. My heart broke when I saw the “in loving memory” ending to the episode. She was gorgeous vibrant and very much full of life. This story is very close to home as I lost my best friend, Derek (very coincidental), to his battle with cancer in 2011. My heart still hurts every single day but I know my life is better because he was in it. I am sure those who knew your Margo would say the same. Thank you for sharing her story. God bless your family.

  114. The episode was rerun tonight. It hasn’t lost any of its impact. Punch to the gut, indeed… I watched it with my mom and we were both shocked. So sorry for your loss. Thank you for the window into this amazing woman’s life and times. I am humbled by her grace and yours.

  115. i just wanted to thank you all so much for writing such beautiful, honest and loving words regarding margo. i feel so blessed to have read about her not only through her own words, but her family’s, as well. there is no doubt that she will continue to help thousands in ways that no one ever thought would be possible. through heartache, your family is now sharing a beauty, a hope and a love that so many need to feel.

  116. I just found Margo yesterday on Say Yes to the Dress. I am so sorry that I cannot thank her personally for the inspiration she has given me. I want you to know that I will carry her words, “Courage is my only option” in my heart forever. Yesterday, she was my angel. My condolences to everyone who knew and love Margo.

  117. I just saw Margo’s episode and I cant believe it 😦 .. She looked like such a beautiful , nice and kind person.
    My condolences to her family. I am sure she will be watching you from a beautiful place.

  118. I learned of Margo and her amazing courage from Say Yes to the Dress and I cheered for her when she took her hat off and looked beautiful in every dress. Her amazing positive attitude and beautiful smile touched me because my family has faced cancer and the grief it brings. I was so shocked when I saw the end of the episode I cried and it felt like a punch to my stomach. This has inspired me to join the fight against Cancer and I’m going to start helping in anyway that I can. My prayers go out to her family and friends.


  119. I saw your beautiful sister and daughter on “Say Yes to the Dress” when it aired on Feb. 9th. It is now March 27 and I still can’t get her off my mind. In the few minutes she was on the show, she became someone I wished I had known as a friend. I knew that I had to find out more about her, even before I saw the “In Memory Of” at the end of the show. I was shaken at the end of the show, and I immediately grabbed the computer and ‘googled’ her name. For some reason, I keep coming back to this blog. It’s amazing how quickly someone you’ve never known can touch your life! Margo was ‘who she was’ because of the loving family she was blessed to be a part of. I am so sorry for your loss, but I know that it must help to know how many lives she affected-even after her death. When I get to Heaven, she is certainly one of the people I hope to meet. God bless you all. Martha Brown in GA

  120. Most of these posts are from women, but this story is not tragic only to women. I came into the room yesterday and my wife was watching the Dress show. I saw Margot’s segment and I thought, hair or no hair, this is a lovely girl with a great positive attitude. I was so happy to see the wedding pictures and how lovely and happy she was. Her husband is clearly such a good guy, supportive and dedicated. I was so happy for her, her husband and her family.

    The “In Memory of” note was like a punch in the gut. It was terrible and very upsetting. I have not been able to shrug off the sense of terrible unfair tragedy that has lingered. I have great sympathy for Margo and her family. Because of the Dress show, many people have now shared her optimism and courage and beauty — and now we share some small portion of the deep sorrow that you, her family, has felt. At least you had her with you and can remember moments with her. I fervently hope these wonderful memories give you great comfort. Best Wishes to Margot’s family.


  121. SYTTD is my ‘guilty pleasure.’ My step-daughter is engaged and I enjoy the chance to see all of the different brides select their unique dream dress. I watched the replay show just now with Margo’s story and really admired her positive attitude and her brave decision to appear bald. The ‘in memory’ at the end brought chills to me as I paused the picture and stared at the TV, slowly realizing this beautiful young girl is gone.

    Thank you to her and to your family for sharing her story. She took the show beyond the usual ‘entertainment’ and has instead touched me deeply. I am thinking about your loss and hoping you are all doing as well as possible in your mourning for daughter, sister, friend, and wife.

  122. Like so many befoer me I watched “say Yes to the Dress” and was so happy to see this vivacious young woman find her dream dress. In the short time I saw her on the program she touched my heart. Such a beautiful spirit she had, so brave to face the cameras without her hair. I was heartened to see her on her wedding day with her cute pixie cut. I though WOW she is n the road to recovery! Also like the others I felt the kick in the stomach when I saw the ending to the show. My heart goes out to Derek and the rest of Margot’s family. Life is so unfair. I am so glad that Margot was able to marry the love of her life and you will all have that day to remember.

  123. Like so many others I recently watched an episode of Say Yes to the Dress and was shocked at the ending. I googled Margo and came upon her blog and other information provided by your family. I read the latest entry by her mother and am sobbing. As a mother of three, I cannot imagine what you have been through or how helpless you must have felt at various times. Thank you for sharing your family’s story.

  124. Pingback: Kick Cancer Where it Hurts! | Baby'sBreath&Roses

  125. As I was watching SYTTD this pm Margo’s episode came on. She made such a beautiful bride. I was all to shocked to learn of her passing. I am 25 and I can’t even imagine what you all must have been going through to here that awful news. Margo was such a wonderful, kind, loving, and full of life person and to learn all of this in one episode and reading her blog. I feel like I know her and her lovely family. My thoughts and prayers are with you all and my heart goes out to Margo’s husband; i am also married and have been married to my husband for 3 years and I can’t even imagine losing him. Remember she’s not fully gone: just because you can’t see her and hold her she will always be with you and he legacy will continue on in the hearts of everyone that watches that single episode and your hearts. A friend once told me its not goodbye but its see ya later. With all my love and my deepest condolences ….. Sonya

  126. Hi I just saw Margo’s story on SYTTD and googled her name. She is such an inspiration, I am sorry for your loss. She sounded like an amazing person and I know her spirit loves on with all of you!

  127. I just watched the episode of your beautiful daughter shopping for her dream dress. I was so excited for the one she chose, and on her wedding day everything was gorgeous. I was so sadden by the ending to find out she did not when the fight against cancer. I can’t tell you how sorry I am for you, being the mother of 2 I can’t even imagine losing either one of them. I just wanted you to know that Margo’s episode has left a lasting impression on me, I admire both you and her for your strength and courage to share her wonderful life with everyone. Thank You for sharing her inspiration, to remind us to live life to the fullest and to take nothing for granted.

  128. I just finished watching. Say yes to the dress and.I wanted her to find that one dress. My mother fought cancer too, so I knew it was difficult but the end made me cry. I had to look her up. I felt like there must have been a mistake. She looked so beautiful and I kept thinking her and her fiancee made such a beautiful couple. I am sad and I didnt know her. I read your blog and she did seem like a person that would make friends with everyone. You said everything right. I lost my dad and kept asking why. I loved what you said dont ask why because no answer is ever going to be good enough. Know that you had a very beautiful daughter and obviously very special. All my sympathy.

  129. Inspiration from the underdog spirit… what an incredible human being who has touched the lives now including mine. Thank you and your family for sharing her story.

  130. I watched SYTTD that featured Margo. I was so inspired by her courage and faith that she will overcome the monster that is cancer. I was very saddened to learn of her passing at the end of the episode that I just started crying my eyes out. I was so confident that she would have won the battle. R.I.P Margo

  131. Like so many others, I learned of your beautiful daughter from the show. I have nothing original to say, as I share the sentiments of so many. But, I had to write and express my deepest condolences for your family, my admiration for Derek, and as a mother, my deep sense of your loss.

    I watch this silly show from time to time, but I have never been so invested as I was in your Margo. Honestly, I watched the entire show with the full expectation of a happy ending. When the “In Loving Memory…” came up on the screen, I gasped out loud. I quickly took to the Internet to learn more about the beautiful angel named Margo. I’ve read every entry in her blog and I’ve cried for the loss of such a beautiful person.

    As a mother, I think I would take some comfort in knowing that my daughter touched perfect strangers so deeply. That her story inspired so many to not take life for granted… This is why I had to write. I am forever changed by your family’s story, Margo’s strength and honesty, and your beautiful words about your sweet daughter.

    I pray that you find peace in your memories and the knowledge that your little girl made such a lasting impression …

    What a beautiful legacy….

  132. Just watched SYTTD and immediately google Margo. This young woman touched me so very deeply! Her spirit is infectious and I am so saddened by her families lost. I pray for her loved ones and just want to thank you for sharing her story.

  133. I just happened to sit down and watch a marathon of Say Yes to the Dress and there was your beautiful daughter, Margo. I truly thought Margo would have her “happily ever after” and was so saddened by her passing. I pray that she has found her peace with God. She is (not “was”) an inspiration. God Bless. Cheryl from Poughkeepsie NY

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